Your Health Your Way Teleclass

A step-by-step approach to show you how you can manage chronic pain, depression, and anxiety to feel better.


What is it about the word “patient” that makes us want to run screaming from the room? No one(including me) wants to be a patient because it implies that we are sick and need help.

It’s completely understandable that no one, including you, wants to be labeled “a patient”.

What’s really true, though, is that before you are a patient, you are a unique person. And you are a multi-faceted one.

One of those facets may, at times, include the fact that you are sick and in pain and need the help of the healthcare system. During those times when you use the healthcare system, you don the garb of a patient.

But the majority of your life you are this unique individual with this one precious life. So, most of the time if you have health issues, you are managing your life on your own while simultaneously living through depression, anxiety and/or chronic pain.

You may rail against having those issues in your lives – which is totally legitimate. It can be so difficult when we have to deal with the ups and downs of managing things like this.

Whether you’ve had this condition for a while or it’s brand new, there are countless ways to deal with it. You can find zillions of experts telling you how to manage whatever condition you have.

The problem is – none of those experts are you. And you are the one who knows your life best. Those experts don’t know your particular triggers, symptoms or lifestyle.

But You Do.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could discover what actually triggers YOUR relapse?
  • Or what causes YOUR symptoms to flare up?
  • Or how YOU can intervene when you have a relapse or flare up?
  • Wouldn’t it be incredibly helpful to not read through countless books, cd’s and expert advice to figure out which approach is right for YOU?

I’ve designed this class with you in mind because I have personally experienced how, when it gets right down to it, life is about how you manage your day, moment by moment. Though the healthcare system can be supportive and helpful, you can’t manage your life relying only on the healthcare system to get you through.

Dates: Thursday, May 26th;  June 2nd and June 9th , 2011

Time: 1-2 PM EST

Price: $75


It all comes down to your own willingness to take charge of your life, not as a mandate but as an invitation to feeling better.

This class is all about YOUR HEALTH YOUR WAY. I will help you customize a way of managing your unique situation so that it’s a match for your needs.

Here are just a couple examples of people who have used my approach and experienced relief.

Angela is dealing with chronic depression. She’d wake up anxious most mornings, feeling paralyzed by indecision. She also knew that if she could get herself to the gym and exercise, she felt much better. When she realized how much exercise helped her, we discussed options for getting exercise in earlier in the day. After considering several options, she made a commitment to get out of bed before the indecision could paralyze her, and exercise immediately after brushing her teeth and drinking a cup of water. Instead of going to the gym, she decided to work out at home to a 30 minute exercise DVD. This small but significant step helped her feel less anxious in the morning.
George has chronic back pain and is a truck driver. He has noticed that when he “feels comfortable” driving, invariably his shoulders are scrunched up to his ears and his head is almost attached to the steering wheel. After talking about this further, George decided to put a post it note on his dashboard that simply says “Feeling Comfortable?” to remind him to check his posture while driving. By doing a couple shoulder rolls and noticing the position of his head his back pain has decreased. He does this repeatedly through the day and it has now become a new habit.
I have hand pain which is exacerbated by typing. I bought voice to text software which allows me to dictate instead of type. I noticed that though my software was on and I was wearing a headset, I was still typing. Puzzled and frustrated as I wasn’t doing what I knew would help me, I decided to wear mittens while I was typing, keeping the instructions nearby. The result is nothing short of amazing; my hands are warm and I’m using the software much more often.

After years of experience with these issues myself as well as working with clients, I have learned how suddenly and unpredictably changes in our health can occur. Responding to those changes with agility and kindness towards ourselves makes all the difference in how we feel and function in our lives.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for how to deal with depression, anxiety, and/or chronic pain that work for YOUR situation (not for people in general – but for YOU!)
  • Techniques for noticing what situations create a likelihood that your symptoms may increase – so that you can make wise choices ahead of time
  • Effective ways to interrupt a relapse or flare up that work for YOU

This teleclass takes place over the phone. It will include lecture, experiential exercises, and feedback from the participants along with email support in between sessions. There will be a recording available so even if you can’t attend the class live, you can listen to it later. And you can use the recording over and over again so these techniques will always be available instantly.

Dates: Thursday, May 26th; June 2nd and 9th , 2011

Time: 1-2 PM EST

Price: $75

Early Bird Price Until Wednesday May 4th, 2011: $65

What’s going on in the world in general can be scary and overwhelming. And what’s going on with your health can also feel unsettling, to say the least.

When you are feeling so vulnerable, it can be even more frustrating to wait to see your doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist no matter how gifted they are.

You need to know how to help yourself RIGHT NOW, not at your next appointment. You want to focus on what’s most important to you and enjoy your life as much as possible sooner rather than later.

Simple (but not easy) tools that help you manage your life with greater ease and less pain are essential. And having the support to remember to do the things that help are just as important.

This class will give you the structure and support to manage your health in a way that works for you.

If you sign up by Wednesday, May 4th, you’ll get $10 off!

Once you sign up and pay for the class, you’ll receive a confirmation with the phone number and access code on it. Just call in from wherever you are and listen. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you like.

Questions? Drop me an email and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

I’m looking forward to working with you to create a plan for managing YOUR HEALTH YOUR WAY.