Help is On the Way – Free Appointment Preparation Sheet

I know what it’s like to be where you are, and I want to help. So here’s something that will help you, and can help right away: the Appointment Preparation Worksheet.

Click here to download the Appointment Prep Sheet

I created this worksheet based on my experience, and the experience of my clients, in trying to prepare for appointments with doctors and other health-care providers.

As you’ve probably found for yourself, when you’re under tremendous stress it’s hard to remember things. It’s hard to remember the patient’s complete experience, and it’s hard to remember all the questions you want to ask. And it’s frustrating to get home after the appointment only to find yourself remembering all the things you didn’t say and didn’t ask.

The Appointment Preparation Worksheet, which you can fill out on your computer or print and fill out by hand, gives you the guidance and structure you need to be fully prepared. It makes your life easier and helps your caregivers provide the best possible care.

Here’s what Dr. David Grimshaw, DO has to say:

What I really appreciate about the Appointment Preparation Sheet is that the patient is more prepared for our appointment when they take some time before meeting to think about what’s really going on with their symptoms and also what questions they have. When the patient comes prepared to their appointment, we can use our appointment time more efficiently and have a better chance at addressing all of the patient’s concerns. That helps me give the patient the information they need to make informed choices about their healthcare.

Dr. David Grimshaw, DO

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Click here to download the Appointment Prep Sheet

Once you click the link above, the file should open a new page in your browser where you’ll see the Appointment Prep Sheet. In the top left hand corner of the browser window, you’ll see a row of buttons. The second button from the left is a “Save” button. Use this to save the Appointment Prep Sheet to your computer so you can use it at any time.