The Lone Ranger – the name says it all: alone, a hero, able to do it all on his own, by himself. You may be feeling a lot like the Lone Ranger. You may be thinking and feeling things like…

  • It’s easier if I just do it myself. It’ll take me longer to explain it to someone than it will to just take care of it – and besides, then I’ll know it’s done.
  • My family and friends are helping as much as they can. I can’t ask them to do any more. They’re so worried – I don’t want to make it worse for them.
  • I’m strong. I can cope, I can manage, I can do it. I’ve been the strong one all my life – why should it change now?

Do those thoughts sound familiar? If they’ve been wearing a path in your brain – or even if you’ve just thought them once or twice in the last week or so – then you believe in the Myth of the Lone Ranger. You believe that somehow you’re supposed to be able to get through this on your own, understand it all, put it all together, advocate for yourself, and most of all, be strong.

But even the Lone Ranger had Tonto, his faithful sidekick.

Trying to get through all of this on your own is exhausting and unnecessary. It’s also a little like trying to drill your own teeth: painful, cramped, and ultimately not likely to end with the best possible results.

Instead, like the Lone Ranger, you need the right support to help you be at your best in the worst of times. You need an objective, caring, knowledgeable partner who can help you find the resources you need. You need someone to brainstorm with who isn’t emotionally involved. And you need someone who understands what you’re dealing with and has the experience, tools, and compassion to help you get through it all.

You’re in the right place. Start by taking a look at the Appointment Preparation Worksheet that will help you get an immediate handle on your conversations with doctors and other service providers. You’ll also receive my blog with, practical, easy-to-understand tips for coping with all the things you’re facing.

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