A couple weeks ago my lawnmower broke.  I’ve been struggling with it most of the season because I’ve had trouble starting it.  The upshot has been a summer of physical therapy due to bicep tendonitis.  Ouch!!

The good news is I’ve found great professional support for my bicep tendinitis.

My physical therapist, Curtis at Assessment Rehabilitation Management (ARM), is incredibly skilled at teaching me exercises that really help.  I’ve also found an amazing massage therapist, Tish Heath,  who uses many healing modalities leaving me pain free when she’s done.

Pausing here for a moment to invite you to think of your own health as I relay this story and see if you can substitute your own set of issues (or those of your loved one) for mine as I continue my story.

The bad news is that the lawn mower couldn’t be fixed.  I really appreciated having it because it was lightweight and easy to use.

However, here’s the silver lining.  Midwest Power Equipment is a locally owned company and they have bent over backwards to help me.  John, one of the owners, has been to my home three times bringing with him 4 lawnmowers for me to try out to find one to suit my needs.

I felt really embarassed about being such a “weakling”; the story I told myself was I am way too high maintenance which of course just made me feel even more ashamed about not being able to just work with any lawnmower.  Though my son is home off and on, I hate asking for help – I guess my pride gets in the way.  I choose to mow it myself as I’ve got bigger financial priorities.

Most people think of lawnmowers in terms of how they cut their grass.  Because of my tendonitis, I think of lawnmowers in terms of how heavy they are and whether I can manage them without feeling like I’m being tortured.  I also know better than to think that I’m the only one who has issues like this and yet I still feel so ashamed to admit that I need help.

And isn’t that why we’re all here on this earth together?  We’re here to help each other and that’s exactly what has happened to me.

John has been endlessly patient with me as I’ve given him feedback.  One was too heavy, another almost pulled my arms out of the sockets as it dragged me across the lawn (we had a good laugh on that one), and  another had a pull cord which I absolutely refuse to ever deal with again.  We finally found one that is a battery powered lawnmower with no pull cord that meets my needs.

When we struggle with our physical or mental health, not only do we need good healthcare providers but we need help with the practical things of life.  How we handle daily life, including maintaining our homes and taking care of our loved ones, deeply affects our self esteem and sense of independence.

John would love to help more people like me who need to take care of their lawns and have health issues. He said he learned a lot from dealing with me because he never realized how painful mowing a lawn can be.  I found his attitude welcoming and refreshing.

I am passionate about helping those struggling with their health find ways to mow their lawn, play with their kids and enjoy their lives in ways that matter to them, without injuring themselves. 

I want to introduce John to my healthcare providers so they can link their patients up with Midwest Power Equipment so they can get personalized service at reasonable prices.  I want all local healthcare providers to know Curtis and the staff of Assessment Rehabilitation Management (ARM) and also Tish Heath.

I’m not sure how to link up great professionals with each other – because I sense there is a big network of good people who should know about each other – but I’m very open to suggestions.  In the meantime, I’ll be making some phone calls to introduce these three to each other.

I have been blessed with some amazingly talented resourceful professionals as I deal with my own health issues.

Finding the good in other people and our own circumstances is often overlooked.   It’s been hard having hand and arm pain; it truly cramps my style.  I won’t tell you it’s a picnic to mow my lawn.  However, I will tell you that my team of healthcare professionals as well as John from Midwest Power Equipment has truly been a Godsend to me and for that I’m very grateful.

Although I’ve shared my own story, I invite you to think about yourself or someone you love who may be struggling with a health issue.  What comes to mind as I say that?  What’s been hard about this?  What’s the silver lining?   Is there someone who has made your experience a little bit easier?  It would be great if you’d like to share your resources here by leaving a comment below.  You may also want to tell those kind people how grateful you feel – I know they will appreciate your feedback.

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