“A retreat springs from and is guided by your inner knowing” – Jennifer Louden

Are you so busy that you can’t hear yourself think? Have you gone through a particularly challenging time (grief, health or financial issues)?

Consider retreating at home as a way to respond to your own needs and instincts with guidance and support from me.

Here’s what’s included:


  • Preparation:  Simple email instructions to help you ease into your retreat
  • Opening to the Retreat: Discover what you’re yearning for and how to nourish yourself  
  • Support:  A phone check in mid retreat – an opportunity to share, ask questions and receive guidance
  • Returning from Retreating: Transitioning gently from retreat space to daily life.


Dates:            Friday August 24th,  7-8:15pm at Full Spectrum Family Medicine
Saturday, August 25th,  4-5pm Check-In Call
Sunday, August 26th,  4-5:15pm at Full spectrum Family Medicine
Cost:              $77
Registration:  Contact  Full Spectrum Family Medicine at 333-3550 by Mon. August 20th  5PM.   If you have questions, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Full Spectrum Family Medicine is located at 2025 Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI.

I look forward to seeing you there!!!!!



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