It’s hard to be sick. Whether you’re struggling with feeling anxious, sad, or having back pain, it’s even harder if you’re the only one who really knows what you’re going through and others just don’t get it.

What I’ve come to realize with my own physical and mental health is that I’m the first one to know when something’s not quite right and the best one to help myself through it.

I’ve come to embrace that I’m responsible for my health. And, as I offer Your Health Your Way, you have the same opportunity: to realize you’re the first one to know how you’re feeling and the best one to help yourself through it.

One thing I want to be very clear about is that being responsible for your health doesn’t mean beating yourself up because you’re struggling. That’s cruel and unnecessary. And PS – it doesn’t make you feel better anyway.

You are not weak. You’re doing the best you can. Also, if you’re thinking that willpower is what you need more of and if you’d just “do what you know you need to do” this would go away, that’s just one more way of beating up on yourself.

For example, you may realize that exercise first thing in the morning really works to life your mood. Yet, at the same time, perhaps you wake up with such paralyzing anxiety that you can’t get out of bed much less exercise. You know it works, but you can’t do it.

There may be many mornings where you force yourself through it and notice that yes, it worked.

But, what I’ve learned over time is that strong-arming yourself through anything is just one more way to be mean to yourself. Eventually, most people rebel and get discouraged and quit doing the things that help.

So, what do you do when you already know what helps but can’t get yourself to do it? We’ll take that question, and others, and answer them in Your Health Your Way.

Depression, by it’s nature, is so insipid that one of the lies it tells us is “we’ve always felt this way and it’s never been any different.” Physical pain works the same way: whether it’s intense, comes and goes erratically or is chronic, the lie it tells is it’s always been that way and will never let up.

What I want you to know is that you are so much more than whatever you are going through right now, regardless of what you think. And there are simple tools that can help you feel better.

There is hope and help for you. It’s right here.

There may be legitimate things that have you worried. The economy, your health, your loved ones – all of those very real circumstances can cause you to feel sad, hopeless, anxious, frustrated, and create back pain among other things.

This class won’t solve your specific problems – but you will. It will give you the tools to feel better and, as you feel better, you will be able to think more clearly. You will find yourself taking action about whatever has you worried like the economy, your health or you loved ones. That’s the power of Your Health Your Way.

I truly believe that life is a series of small steps, taken one at a time. The first step (which is also the name of my business as you know!) is to find that part of you that cares so much about your well being. Ask your heart whether Your Health Your Way is right for you. Sign up for the teleclasses; you’ll get recordings if you can’t attend live.

Or, maybe as you’re reading this, you know I’m not talking about your situation. But, perhaps, you wonder whether one of your friends or family members are going through this. If you’ve been feeling frustrated and helpless because you don’t know what to do to help them, send them this blog post, with a note that says you thought of them and wondered if they may be interested.

Whether you choose to look at the course for yourself or send it on to someone you care about, I promise that I will share some do-able ways to feel better in ways you simply can’t anticipate. Questions? Concerns? Let me know – I’m here to help you manage your daily life in ways that work for you.

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