Never Never Give Up

March 23rd, 2011

Wiinston Churchill once said, “Never, Never Give Up.”  I couldn’t agree more.

In this time of great unrest and uncertainty in our world, those of us who struggle with anxiety or depression can feel particularly affected.  Not only is it hard to be you in your own personal life, but the world may in some ways confirm your worst nightmares.  Some of mine are that no one wants what I have to offer and there’s no way that I can truly be of service in the world.

Maybe your fears are the same. . . or totally different.

Perhaps you have so many fears and they feel like they are so much a part of you, that there actually aren’t words for it.  There’s just a feeling that is kinda indescribable yet pervasive, that slips in through the cracks of your life in ways you can’t even define.  I’ve been there too. . . often, in fact.

And, at some point, I come back to this very important phrase:  “Never, Never Give Up”.

I also believe that when you change any small thing about your life, you change everything.

For example, when you put your feet flat on the floor while you’re sitting at your desk and sink into them, it has a chain reaction.  You may notice yourself sinking into your hips more, lowering your shoulders, raising the crown of your head, releasing your jaw, and letting your eyes sink inward.  That just happened for me.  What do you notice?

When I remind myself to never never give up, I ask myself a couple questions:

  • What’s a baby step that I can take? Whether it’s putting my feet flat on the floor or reading a poem or doing some act of kindness like calling one of my relatives, there is always something that I can do.
  • Can I work on something else while thinking about the bigger issue that has me all stirred up? It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be to do the simple things of life llike the dishes, cleaning out a drawer, or taking a shower and pondering what I can do about the bigger issue
  • Putting words on my feelings always helps me – that may look like journalizing or talking out-loud or taking a walk and thinking it through.  Again, it’s a way to engage with all the noise in my head so I can understand myself better, which almost always leads to a change in my mood and actions.

The world. . . . ahhh, the world, is filled with despair and stories of hardship everywhere it seems.  What I’ve learned is I can either be paralyzed by these things or do some baby steps.

I truly believe that baby steps, taken by many people, become big steps that create change in the world.

If you’re looking for some tangible ways to make a difference in the world, here’s a few of my favorite things:

  • Teach Now is a series of teleclasses for anyone wants to share ideas, energy and information in the world in a way that makes a difference.  That includes parents, caregivers, people struggling with mood issues – it includes every one of us. To sign up for the free call which will be recorded if you can’t make it, go here.
  • Americorps is one of my favorite causes and the Senate is threatening to cut its budget.  I believe that Americorps is a win win for everyone involved:  it helps people in the US who are struck by hardship and it also helps the volunteers who learn skills such as working as a team and how to be of service to others.  Go here to find out how to  help us Save Service and keep Americorps alive!
  • I get calls all the time asking for donations and have never found a do-able way to choose who to contribute to. Here’s a way to contribute to many different worthwhile causes, everything from the American Red Cross to today’s charity which is KidPower which helps kids learn how to defend themselves with self confidence as well as martial arts, by contributing $1 a day.  Find out more at

Whether we are helping ourselves by putting our feet flat on the floor which affects our posture or helping each other by giving a $1 a day to a good cause, it is evidence that we never never give up.  And by not giving up, we take steps forward – in our own lives – which affects not just us, but the lives of all those around us.

If you feel like you want to give up, tell me more.  And if you have other ways that you take care of yourself or serve the world, please share them as well.    I truly believe that one baby step leads to another, providing momentum, that does make a difference to each of us personally as well as the world.  I believe in you . . . and in us!


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