Note:  This is the the second in a series of case studies about how to figure out if you’ve got the right healthcare provider for your needs. Here’s the first one.   This case study talks about how to figure out what you really want from your healthcare provider.

Once you’ve determined that your needs aren’t being met with your current healthcare provider, it’s time to get a little more specific.  Though I know you may be in a hurry to solve the problem and find someone else because you’re fed up or frustrated, I encourage you to take this process a step at a time.  That way it is more likely that your needs for competent attentive healthcare will be met.

Ask yourself this question:  What’s going wrong with your current provider?

List as many things as you can think of that create frustration, overwhelm, confusion, or concern for you.  Be as specific as possible.

It can look something like this:

  • The last time I called for an appointment, it took over a month to get in.
  • When I asked if it could be something other than my diabetes that was causing my problems, she didn’t answer my question and went on to talk about something else.  When I asked again, I still didn’t understand her answer.
  • I don’t really understand what’s wrong with me and I am not sure my healthcare provider knows either.
  • My provider spends so much time looking at her computer screen and talking to it when it screws up that I feel ignored and unheard.

Take your time with this and list as many things as you can think of.  That will give you clues about what you’re looking for in a new provider.

Then, ask yourself this:  What works well with this provider?

Again, be as specific as possible and look for the areas of your relationship where you feel understood, appreciative, and grateful that you have the healthcare provider that you do.

Here are a few examples:

  • I’ve been a patient of his for over 20 years and he knows my medical history.
  • The office is close to my home.
  • I know the staff by name and they return my phone calls promptly.
  • The last time I was there she remembered that my relationship with my mom stresses me out a lot and may be contributing to my symptoms.  I love that she remembered that because it helped me see things differently.
  • I can get an appointment easily.

Then, step back and see what you’ve accomplished.  You now know what works and what doesn’t work in your relationship with your current provider. That’s great information and will help you find the right healthcare provider for you.

The next step to finding the right provider for you:  Make a list of what works and what doesn’t work in your relationship with your current healthcare provider.

If you have questions, I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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