How Can I Help?

January 3rd, 2011

I thought a long time about how to title this post .  The question “How Can I Help?” turns me off when someone offers this mixed blessing to me in a store.  On the other hand, it is the most honest way I know to ask you how I can truly be of service to you if you’re struggling with health issues and sincerely want to figure out how to help yourself.

What I really want to talk about today is my intention for 2011 and how it came about.  Why?  Because I believe intentions, instead of resolutions, are great ways for setting our sights on what we really want our lives to feel like so I’m hoping this will inspire you to set an intention if you’d like.

Of all the parts of the holidays that I enjoy, setting my yearly intention is one of the things I look forward to the most – it feels so nourishing to me.

My theme for 2010 was prayerfulness, which I defined as inviting myself to ask God for help more often. I can’t really tell you if I learned more when I remembered I could ask for help – or when I forgot, and then remembered it was an option later.  In any event, it made for some good laughs and some hard won lessons.  And, as always, asking God for help and being willing and able to listen is a lifelong work in progress anyway . . . . so I won’t be running out of opportunities to practice this!!!. For example, my New Year’s eve gift was my computer crashing leaving me with no way to access my emails or files and needing to figure out what to do for a computer. So, for the last several days including today, I have found myself asking for help about how to deal with the bane of my existence – technology.

It has also been perfect timing for the birth of my 2011 intention which I refer to as Skillfulness. Skillfulness combines asking for help from God with attending thoughtfully to the practical details of my life and my work.  It has been a humbling experience (to say the least) to ask for help as I skillfully navigated Best Buy today, purchased this computer, set it up with the help from my angelic tech support, and wrote this blog while putting up with all the mis-steps and surprises of acclimating to a new system.  Oy!!

I am skillfully attending to the practical details of teaching others how to help themselves through their own ups and downs of physical and mental pain in ways that are truly useful. I deeply respect that what helps people deal with these kinds of issues is not a “big box solution” – there is no one size fits all, no one book or method, no one thing that works and fits every situation.  Why?  Because life changes, we change and we are all different.

I’m developing classes, teleclasses, podcasts, and blog posts to support you and those you love who are struggling with pain, depression or anxiety.  Are there some specific situations that come to mind that  you’d like some support with?  Would you like to be part of a small group of trustworthy people like you who also really want to learn solid skills to help them through the ups and downs of these unpredictable situations?

Please leave a comment here or pick up the phone  and call to let me know (as I can’t access my email. . . . yet!)

Wishing you all life’s blessings in 2011 and always!!


2 Responses to “How Can I Help?”

  1. Molly Gordon Says:

    Asking for help, and then setting the intention for skillfulness–inspiring. I’ve been asking for help more consistently in my own prayer practice. Just being reminded to open and receive the help that is available–to be open to the possibility of help–is huge.

    I think your work is so important, Char. I look forward to watching it evolve.

  2. Char Says:

    Yes, I find it really inspiring to combine a good working brain with asking for help – a work in progress for the rest of my life!


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