What is it about the word “patient” that makes us want to run screaming from the room? No one (including me) wants to be a patient because it implies that we are sick and need help.

It’s completely understandable that no one, including you, wants to be labeled “a patient”.

What’s really true, though, is that before you are a patient, you are a unique person. And you are a multi-faceted one.  One of those facets may, at times, include the fact that you are sick and in pain and need the help of the healthcare system.

During those times when you use the healthcare system, you don the garb of a patient.

But the majority of your life you are this unique individual with this one precious life. So, most of the time if you have health issues, you are managing your life on your own while simultaneously living through whatever is bugging you about your health.

You may feelallergic” to the healthcare system.  Just the thought of dealing with a healthcare provider can feel overwhelming, frustrating or bore you to tears.  Maybe all three.

Here’s the problem though.

No one knows your needs better than you do.  No one knows your body better than you do.  And no one knows your lifestyle better than you do.

And, though the healthcare system can be supportive and helpful, your well being depends on your willingness and ability to figure out, sometimes second by second, how to do what you need to do while also taking care of yourself.

That’s why I’ve designed “Your Health Your Way”, a 3 week teleclass to help you manage chronic pain, depression, and/or anxiety moment by moment in your daily life.  This course is all about helping you respond with agility and self kindness to your changing health needs.  Stay tuned for more details as well as a special earlybird price.

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  1. sana quijada Says:

    Nice approach to mental health needs! I like your platform. Needed. Keep on!


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