Have you ever felt like you didn’t have the right words to explain what you were feeling to someone else? Perhaps, you get slight twinges in your knee when you least expect it (I mean, who wants to expect that anyway?)  Or, maybe, you’ve got arthritis, fibromyalgia, or depression that is pretty constant but the shades of it change in subtle ways.

Part of being human is that when we feel things unexpectedly, it takes a moment to recognize that and then to find a way to describe it.

What I’m suggesting is to give yourself a moment to just check in at those inopportune times when things are going slightly or very much awry. That, in and of itself, can be a bit of a retraining.  If you get nothing else from this post, just notice whether you’re willing to do that.

And here’s a blanket permission slip to accept the first answer that comes to you . . . whether that’s a complete willingness to notice for one second what it feels like being you or an absolute no.

Because you can’t do this wrong.

Even if you’re unwilling to notice what’s going on with those little aches, twinges, or constantly changing illnesses if you have one, that’s information.

And getting that kind of information is a first step to getting the healthcare you deserve.

Make an appointment with yourself FIRST to get the healthcare you deserve.

Whaaaaaat?  How can that possibly help anything? Whether you think it’s hopeless trying to describe what you’re going through or you think there’s no one in the world who can help you – or anything in between – I can show you how to get your healthcare needs met easier, better and faster than you could before.

And, if you’re someone who is frustrated because you know what you need and have explained it over and over again, I hear you. It is frustrating when you’ve done your best to be articulate and things still aren’t changing for you.

AND, there is a way to increase the odds that you and your provider will speak the same language so you can get your healthcare needs met.


I’ll show you how to do this at my free teleclass “How to Get Your Needs Met By Your Healthcare Provider” on Thursday, July 15th at 1PM EST (10AM PST; 11AM CST; Noon CST).  You can sign up on the blog by sharing your email address or contact me and I’ll send you the call information.  There will also be a recording of this class (technology willing) if you can’t make it.

Hope to “see” you there!

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