This is one of  those posts that may leave some of you saying . . . . duh, I know THAT!

It’s the simplest thing to do and the easiest thing to overlook.  Chances are good that if you’re seeing your healthcare provider, you are there because you have some specific things to discuss about your health.  Maybe you’ve filled out the Appointment Preparation Worksheet(which you can download for free) ahead of time.

Great job for preparing so that you don’t forget what’s going on with you.  High Five!!!!!

So, the next step is . . . . how are you going to remember what they’re telling you?  I often think to myself, “That is so basic – I won’t forget to do THAT. ”

AND, I’m getting old enough to know that what I think I’ll never forget is the thing that I usually don’t remember (read that sentence again and see if it’s true for you too!).

My kids laugh at me because I’m constantly messing up their names.  And don’t even get me started on my 6 animals and calling them by every name but their own.

I no longer take pride in my memory – I take pride in the fact that I compensate well for being forgetful.

There’s a book called Write It Down, Make It Happen and it talks about how things don’t get accomplished well without writing them down first.   I believe that holds true with getting your healthcare needs met too.

Here’s the secret to remembering what your healthcare provider tells you:

  • Write it Down: I developed an Appointment Summary Sheet as part of Patient Power to help you remember what your healthcare provider is recommending
  • Make It Happen: Follow the simple directions in Patient Power for making sure you and your provider are on the same page and share your Appointment Summary Sheet with them to make sure you understand their recommendations.

What would be helpful for you to remember to tell your healthcare provider?  How can you help yourself remember what they tell you?

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