This is a rather provocative subject as frustration – of any sort – is really annoying, stressful, and confusing. It can also be embarrassing, creating depression and anxiety in its wake.  It can often make us (me too!) feel powerless, isolated and out of control. If you’re feeling frustrated just by reading this, I want you to know I really understand that and am in your corner.

(In fact, if this article is making you anxious just by reading it, I encourage you to skip to the bottom and answer this question:    What is your greatest frustration with your healthcare provider?  Know that you’ve helped me so that I can help you.)

When it comes to our health, that frustration is often multiplied by physical pain, emotional suffering, and lots of complications as a result of it all.

I want healthcare providers and people who deal with them to communicate clearly and get the job done together.

My passion is to create a bridge between healthcare providers and people who are struggling with some kind of health situation (whatever its nature) so that everyone gets their needs met.

There is no room for blaming our healthcare providers or ourselves (though it is a natural human tendency to do so) when we feel frustrated.  It’s a problem to be solved.

Steve Chandler has taught me how to turn problems into challenges, projects or something to work on.  It’s a subtle difference – but for me it’s been life-changing.  His approach has taught me how to look at unmet needs particularly in the field of healthcare, redefine those frustrations as something to work on and find ways to help others feel less overwhelmed, agitated and worried.

When we take our frustration and look at them as something to work on, they become more manageable.   That’s my job – not yours – and I need your help to do my job well.

As part of my job, I have created Patient Power and the Appointment Preparation Worksheet so that you can communicate more clearly with your HealthCare Provider.

I also realize there’s so much more that I can do to truly be of service which brings me to today’s question:  What is your greatest frustration with your healthcare provider?

Whether you’re dealing with something fairly often or it’s just the occasional visit and regardless of your situation, I would love your answer to this question.  I want to be sure your frustrations are addressed in my work and I welcome your posts here.

If you are more comfortable, please feel free  to contact me.   I welcome a confidential conversation with you via phone or email about this very tender subject.

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