I did a retreat at home this weekend.   It was my invitation to create some space to just be – and see what’s really up with me.  (hey – that rhymes!)

What I discovered was surprisingly difficult as I faced yet another wave of grief about so many things – I thought I was OVER that already. It’s been a long time to still be playing that tune.

Anyhoo, life doesn’t hand us the dishes we order.  Right?

The creator of this experience, Jen Louden, asked us to dedicate our retreat to something larger than ourselves.  Taking her up on that one as I was stirring my lemon risotto on the stove, I dedicated my retreat to world peace.  I had no idea what I was really stirring up inside myself when I began this process.

What I learned from this was how to sit compassionately with my own feelings. There were many difficult moments for me as I listened to those tender areas longing for love and understanding.

I imagined our world leaders sitting compassionately not just with their feelings but with each other’s tender spots negotiating how to live and let live. It’s possible, you know?  At least I believe it is.

Part of this retreat involved calls on the phone with some amazing speakers who spoke of different ways to find comfort and connection with ourselves and each other.

One of those speakers, Christina Baldwin, suggested a practice she calls the Touchdown which takes 5 minutes to do.

Here’s the recipe:

What you need:  5 minutes and something to write with

What you do:  Close your eyes, ground your feet, take 3 deep breaths.  Sink into the chair you’re sitting on.  Open your eyes and notice the first thing in front of you and write for 5 minutes about it.  Write in an unhurried way, keeping the pen moving neither stopping nor hurrying, don’t worry about punctuation or grammar or anything like that.  See what comes up.

I’m going to save the third step for tomorrow’s post.

In the meantime, I invite you to try this for yourself and see what comes up.  I guarantee you there’s a surprise waiting for you to unwrap!

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