One of the most difficult things to deal with when you’re not feeling up to par is getting through the hard parts and feeling like no one gets it. When you’re taking care of yourself and no one is around, it’s so easy to slip into that spot where you feel like you’re alone.

This can also happen when suddenly you’re taking care of someone you love – whether you’re the main person doing this or you’re kinda on the periphery as a close friend or family member – and your life has changed in some pretty drastic and unexpected ways. It’s really easy to feel isolated and alone when you go through this as your relationships have changed.

Having found myself feeling alone many times in my life, I now understand the importance of having good support around me and accessible easily.  Because my friends and family are so busy, it’s often difficult to see or even talk to them by phone as our lives take us in many different directions.

I discovered the importance of being part of Jen’s Virtual Community, The Comfort Cafe, about a year ago when this amazing resource was born.  There are so many great advantages to this place that it is hard to name just one so I’ll just blather on a bit about how life changing this experience has been for me.

I have found that I can share my ups and downs in a compassionate community of like minded women who actually get it.  That’s HUGE!

I have found that I can read about how other’s are going through things that are similar on some level to my own experience and offer feedback in a gentle way that acknowledges their struggles and also gives them something to ponder if they want.  And I feel appreciated which helps with that sense of isolation that I am often prone to.

I’ve been exposed to prominent authors  and artists like Laura Berman Fortgang, Cheryl Richardson, Carla Blazek,  to name a few who continue to inspire me every day.

Jen’s wisdom is a miracle in my life.  She finds a way to compassionately offer support and nurturance in a way that really feeds my soul. She has a Virtual Retreat coming up with 13 different wise people who will offer their perspectives on how to create a more meaningful life.

One of the hallmarks of Jen’s work is that there’s nothing we need to change or improve about ourselves – we are essential goodness – and that life is a series of trial and error steps as we figure out what really works to keep us feeling peaceful, nurtured and creative.  Can you tell I just love her?

Find out more about the Virtual Retreat here and about the Comfort Cafe here.  You can also subscribe to her blog here.  She’s also a bestselling author with many books for sale on as well as on her website.

Do you have something that really nurtures your soul?  I’d love to hear your stories here.

2 Responses to “Introducing Jennifer Louden And Support for Your Mental Health: Do-Able Support That Lifts Life UP!”

  1. Jennifer Louden Says:

    Is it piggy to comment on a post about me? Oh well! Char, I could list you as a person who lifts me up, and the gals at the Comfort Cafe, with your wisdom. You have such a gift to see clearly and kindly. I totally know your business is a life saver to people dealing with illness. I wish I had you when Dad and my husband were both sick. You rock!

  2. Char Says:

    I’m so glad that you’re commenting on this post Jen. You’ve been the wind between my wings so many times.

    I only wish I had had the opportunity to support you through those times when your Dad and your husband were sick.

    Thank you for being you, Jen!!! I think you can help my readers so much through the many opportunities that you offer.


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