What helps you when you’re under the weather or dealing with something hard? I asked myself this question the other day.

Since I struggle with chronic back pain, sometimes the most ordinary things can be challenging for me.  I try and be strategic about managing things like how long I’ll be sitting down AND I also get really sick of being so pro-active about it.

I know that what really works for me is to get up every half hour or so and stretch.  And, sometimes I do that.  Other times, when the timer goes off I simply reset it.  Or, I don’t set it at all in the first place.

There is no right way to deal with back pain or anything else for that matter. There are just some things that work better than others and as a great yogi mentor of mine, Paul Grilley, says:  “People vary.”  We all vary depending on what’s going on in our lives.

This week I’ll be exploring the different ways we vary and how we can lift life up when times are tough.    (All products or services that I endorse here are done because I believe in sharing valuable resources and all profits go to the artists, not to me.)

One thing that really lifts me up is the work of Sarah Lacey. She is an accomplished artist ; you’ve gotta see her work to believe how inspiring it is.

She’s in her 20’s and one of the wisest souls I’ve ever known.  Having her art in my home nurtures me in an amazing way.

Sometimes, when I sit too long, I get up and look at one of her pictures and my back pain feels more manageable just by absorbing myself in her work.  Honestly, it’s THAT magical!!!!!

She’s having a sale right now and you can find her work here. Do yourself a favor and soak in the bliss of her magical touch.

Then, come back and let me know what you think!!!  If you have other resources that help you, let me know – I’ll check them out myself and share them with others.

The resource line is ALWAYS open here!!!

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