I love the snow and walking in the cold with my dogs, Phoebe and Vanna.   Phoebe is a golden lab/husky mix and Vanna is my australian shepherd mix.  They are truly the loves of my life.  So, every day, me and my girls – we go walking along with the Prince of Peace.  I get my best ideas on these walks and frequently use them as food for thought in my blog post.

This evening as I was walking and reviewing my day, I asked inside myself what to write about.  The answer I received was simple but profound in its effect:  just show up.

What does that mean to you when I say “just show up”? Check in with yourself and see what you find.  Do you feel scared?  Excited?  Sad?  All of these things?  Something completely different?  Would you rather keep reading and get to the point here?

There is no right way to answer this question. Just like there is no one right way to deal with anything in life.  There’s your way – taking your best stab at things, and then seeing what happens as a result of it.

When I say to myself, “Char, just show up” – at this moment, I feel excited because I have complete freedom to talk about whatever I choose to share here.  And what I notice is that the more I “show up” with what’s true for me in the moment, the lighter and more peaceful I feel as a general rule. When I showed up with the dogs on my walk this evening, I enjoyed the brisk winter air, the hushed quiet that happens in my neighborhood when it’s cold and dark, my girls who are like tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum – one looking at the moon walking backward and the other with her head dragging through the big mounds of snow.  They’re are just  too cute.

Anyway, I invite you to notice how you show up in your life. Are you dragging because you’re feeling tired?  Just notice that.  Are you sick with bronchitis or the flu and still pushing your way through?  Again, just take a breath and notice.  You’ve gotta breathe anyway even if you feel you must push through right now.  Are you sick in bed and kinda tired of the whole routine?  By noticing that, maybe you can make a slight adjustment to show up more fully with all of your feelings and learn more about what’s going on inside your head.

I encourage you to take ten seconds right now and just pause – and show up for yourself.  Tell us what you discover if you want.  That’s how we learn – from showing up for ourselves as well as each other!!

2 Responses to “Case Study On Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, and Arthritis: Are You Willing to Just Show Up?”

  1. Diedra Says:

    Char, I wish I could be there to walk in the snow with you and play with your tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum girls. They sound so aodrable and fun!

  2. Char Says:

    We do have a great time together!!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by Diedra.


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