This week I’ve been focusing on the power of being connected to others in real time as well as finding that “sweet spot” where we need more downtime to stay connected within ourselves. Since my work is helping people cope when something feels off kilter in their lives – even if they don’t know what that is, looking at their relationships both with themselves and with each other is often a good place to start to figure out what’s up.

Here’s another form of connection that I discovered today has lasting positive effects on my health – my connection with my animals.

I have two amazing dogs  – a golden lab/husky mix named Phoebe and a shepherd mix named Vanna – who are the loves of my life.  I commonly refer to them as my girls.

Anyway, whenever I let the girls out, they both come to a screeching halt when they run into the fence as it seems they can’t believe it’s still there.

Digressing here for a moment:

There’s a long story about the fence- the short version of it is that the girls had a history of running away at unpredictable and inconvenient times. This caused huge chaos for me and my family as we looked for them – scared that they’d be hurt, wondering when we’d find them, not knowing where they were – with the rule being that no one sleeps til the girls come home.

For those of you who are animal lovers, you probably can relate to this.  Those of you who aren’t – well, think about your favorite thing/person in the world and how you’d feel if it came up missing and maybe you’ll be able to relate to this point

Back to my original story now:

Today, I said to my son “You know, sometimes it’s the littlest things that help me feel safe and secure – like the fence.”

My life changed the day I put the fence in because my girls couldn’t run away anymore.  I had to put locks on the fence doors because Phoebe figured out how to head butt the latch just right to open the fence at first .  Once the locks were on, which never come off, I felt completely free of ever losing them again.

In the scheme of life and health, having a fence would seem inconsequential.  For me though, the fence represents safety, security, and knowing that losing them because they’ve run away is one issue that I most likely won’t have to face again.

Feeling safe, secure and connected with people and things we love can really improve our quality of life.  Is there something in your life that  helps you feel safe and secure like this?   Please share if you feel so inclined.

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