The holidays are a time when many of us are on overload from too much rushing, party-ing, shopping, being with others who we may or may not connect with.  This can be a very energizing or draining time of year – depending on your perspective.

NEWSFLASH:  life gets better when we spend time in person with people we love.  How’s that for stating the obvious?

I’ve noticed it is harder and harder to connect in person with my friends.  Many of us spend a lot of time working.   We’re on the internet,  busy at home or on the phone. 

How about you?  Have you noticed that it’s easier to email someone  than to call them?  Is it simpler to call them rather than get together in person?   I’m guilty of calling people knowing I’m unlikely to reach them just so I don’t get “stuck on the phone” – and I’m probably not the only one who does this. 

I believe that as technology has made our world smaller, it has also increased the gap of getting together with people in person.  At least, that’s what’s true for me.

For some relationships, getting in touch with them to make plans  has become such a cumbersome process that I’ve stopped doing it altogether.  Why?  Because it takes too much time and energy to (a) reach them; (b) come up with a date on my own calendar; (c) coordinate our schedules and (d) figure out what we want to do. 

Does anyone come to mind when I say this?

There are a couple close friends that live nearby where reaching them is less complicated.  If they’re not available when I call, they return my call or email me promptly.  Our schedules jive naturally and no matter how much time has gone by, we pick up right where we left off. 

Some of you may have read of my recent struggles with insomnia.  Well, I put one more piece of the puzzle together last week after having dinner with two close friends of mine. 

Connecting with others who love and appreciate me over dinner helped me cross the hurdle of insomnia and get some serious sleep.  I came home and slept that night, the next and every night since then.  I really believe that that limbic system connection was nourishing on a deep level to me.

So, one of my favorite questions to ask myself is “what can I learn from this and how can I use it in a pro-active way?”

What I learned is that it really helps to get together in a relaxed way with people I love. . . . the key ingredients for me are having a couple hours that are mutually convenient.  That’s it – very simple recipe.  Having it come together naturally is a bonus.   

I invite you to consider who you really enjoy being with and – if you can’t be with them soon – contact them and see when you can spend some time together that works for both of you.  Maybe you’ll need to wait til after the holidays to even check your calendars to see what’s possible.  But, there’s something about having a plan in the works that can be exciting and rejeuvenating in and of itself.

What do you think?

One Response to “Newsflash: Your Limbic System Needs Real Time Connection!”

  1. GirlPie Says:

    How interesting (and wonderful) that you got some sleep after that in-person visit (or was it the wine and emotions? HA! Just kidding!) I hate making plans, hate the lead up to the “getting together” — but then have a wonderful time when I’m out, go figure! And yes, in my business of daily business lunch dates or client meetings, when someone has to cancel I ADORE them for it — ! So let’s see, now you’ve got to make a list of 30 people you can schedule to see once a month, every month, so you can keep the limbic region happy… oy vey! Keep us posted ~ ! ~GirlPie


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