I am blessed to know so many amazing people. Linda Resca is one of those blessings.  She is a professional caretaker in Portland, Oregon and has dealt with her own cancer in various forms three separate times.  Through these experiences, she has developed an unshakeable faith in the indominitable human spirit and she is an inspiration to me.

There are an infinite variety of spiritual ways of thinking and being – and all are welcome here.  This you tube video was magical for me – it showed me how despite whatever happens, we can survive it and actually thrive.  Linda has not only survived her cancer but is actually in the field of helping others as a professional caretaker.  Now, that’s what I call really getting the juice from some of the sour-est lemons life has to offer.  She has somehow transformed her life threatening experiences into a powerful presence that I’ve never seen the likes of before.

This video was done spontaneously and impromptu so the quality reflects that but the message itself is beautiful.  I had to listen to it many times as her experiences resonated so strongly with my own past history.  Though Thank God I haven’t actually personally experienced cancer, I have had many health scares and I could relate to much of what she describes here.

So, without further ado – here’s Linda.

Let me know what you think of this.

6 Responses to “Meet Linda Resca: A Hero In My Book!!!”

  1. GirlPie Says:

    I’d seen a piece of that video (until it stuttered and stalled on me) last week when I found myself on a mailing list from a stranger broadcasting a women’s story-telling/stand-up group, and it linked to Linda’s video (as inspiration, maybe?) and to this (much shorter, easier-to-watch) video about surviving, which I enjoyed and I think you’ll like:


    Part of me prefers to know NOTHING more about ANY illness, but I admire these women (and men) who are great role models on dealing.

    Thanks Char!


  2. Char Says:

    What you bring up here is very important and I think resonates with many people.

    Part of us wish to know nothing about illness. I have felt that same way and I still do.

    And, there is another part of me that also knows that illness is one part of life on which it behooves us to be proactive in the first place so that we don’t fall prey to it.

    Sometimes, no matter how proactive we are, we still get ill because we’re human. But, being proactive by getting the information straight as well as really being clear on what’s getting in our way when we’re making decisions is a great combination for dealing with illness when God Forbid it does occur.

    I’m heartened that you’re willing to watch this video even though it’s something you vere away from – it shows me how open minded you are.

    Thank you again for sharing yourself here and being so honest about your feelings and I’ll check out the utube video you posted on.

  3. Linda Resca Says:

    Hi GirlPie ~

    I’m jumping in here a bit late so not sure if you’ll ever see this and, I felt inspired to write something in response to your post.

    WOW – I have no idea how my video got linked to the mailing list you unexpectedly found yourself on ! As Char said – the video was a very impromptu thing … filmed in the middle of a local health food store, actually. I too wish the quality of the video was better, and, it was a great experience (actually healing) for me to tell my story. I’m glad you were able to watch @ least a little of it.

    Thank you for your kind words about your admiration for those of us that are “dealing”.

    If you’re willing to share, I’m curious about why you’d prefer to know “nothing more about any illness.”



  4. GirlPie Says:

    Hi Linda —

    I think I got your link with the link I posted from someone that was forwarding to me something they’d had sent to them, anyway it doesn’t matter, no harm done!

    To answer your question with my exact quote —

    The “part of me prefers to know nothing more about any illness” is probably the same part of me that doesn’t tune in to the starving children’s channel, go see SAW V, or listen to angry rap. I don’t need that information in my mind. It’s not denial, it’s a choice. When I pass road kill on the highway, I don’t deny that it’s there, I just choose not to slow down and stare at it.

    I don’t agree with Char that “illness is one part of life” and that we must be “proactive in the first place so that we don’t fall prey to it.” I don’t see the natural progression of the arc of strength and weakness (growth and aging) as something that is “ill” or to fear, or feel “prey” to. I do agree that a proactive outlook is a conscious use of our choices every day; where we put our energies, for example.

    For example, I’m putting my energies and attention outdoors instead of at the keyboard more this year… it doesn’t mean I won’t be typing, reading, learning, and working online… only that I’ll be outside and active when I don’t NEED to be at the computer. And it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in being online, or that I won’t get hit by a bus or get Lyme disease or anything else that “outdoors” can bring.

    I’m just not interested in letting “illness” — “dis-ease” — influence my decisions. I’m prey to nothing. I’m much more into the “ease” of using my mind and body as a team, of letting this body take me as far as it can, then graduating onto the next step when I’m ready.

    When I discover a problem, I apply the solution, but I don’t go seeking problems. My health and body have a long history of serving me, I treat them with respect, I don’t carry fears, and so I have no interest in knowing more (ie: owning more knowledge that my mind might want to make use of) about any illness until I might need to. My life-long behaviors are as proactive as needed for running a healthy body; if that changes, I’ll apply the solution as needed.

    (It’s along the lines of my not wanting to buy health insurance because I’d never needed it and I know that my mind is wired to need to “get what I pay for” — I didn’t want to develop a reason to need it. But because I live with a classic worrier who worships the AMA and has always needed health insurance for a constant run of reasons, it was making him nuts that I didn’t have it. So I set up my care-free auto-payments to pay for a policy I call “BoyPie’s Mental Health Support” which means that I bought and pay for a thing that only serves me by reassuring him… that’s all I need it for, it’s doing its job, and we can both sleep well at night.)

    Keep on spreading your love, Linda, it’s clearly doing wonders —

    All best,


  5. Char Says:

    GirlPie and Linda:

    Thank you so much for your contributions to my blog. I always appreciate a lively dialogue.

  6. Linda Resca Says:

    GirlPie ~

    Thank you for such a thoughtful reply ! It was interesting to read.

    Wishing you the best in all ways.



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